Body Weight Exercises



Today, I am going to be running through why you don’t need gym equipment, but purely your own body weight to gain balance, core strength, and flexibility.

Now don’t get me wrong, going to the gym is something I enjoy but sometimes it just doesn’t happen for one reason or another. That is why I LOVE bodyweight training. Anywhere you want you can work out just by extending certain muscles.

Why is bodyweight training the best?

  • Combines cardio and strength training
  • Super efficient
  • Gain core strength and better balance
  • No excuses ( no need for weights or machines)


Not only is bodyweight training efficient and helps you with your balance and compound movements, but, it combines cardio and strength training into one whilst not having to go on lengthy runs or workouts.


Core strength isn’t just there to look good on the beach; core strength is 29 muscles that make up the trunk of the body and there’s no better way to reach these muscles than bodyweight training. Vertical and reverse Crunches will target the upper and lower abdominals purely through raising and extending your legs into the air, and then contracting abdominals by lifting them towards the knees. In the case of the reverse crunch, you lift your lower back off the floor and extend your legs towards the ceiling.  These exercises don’t just give you the tighter , better looking , abs… but it will help with a better posture  and relieve any lower back stress whilst improving your overall performance.


When it comes to balance, the more you increase resistance, the better your balance is, too. Small tweaks to your standard bodyweight exercises like changing a normal squat to a pistol squat can increase your body’s awareness and control. But going straight from a normal squat to a pistol squat is not easy. I would recommend raising your leg slightly above the ground and squatting. Repeat this multiple times until you are confident with moving onto the pistol squat position. Cracking this workout in front of your friends is a great way to show off as it displays your leg and hip strength. If you believe that your flexibility is holding you back, then take a step aside and perform some lunges, push ups, few normal squats and generally shake and relax your limbs. This should be done before you attempt the pistol squat to ensure maximum output is achieved.



Not very common in everyone’s day-to-day workout but the mountain climber is a great calisthenics exercise which challenges your agility, coordination and balance. This is a compound exercise meaning it uses multiple joints and several muscle groups simultaneously.  It engages your upper arm muscles as well as your core and legs. Proper practice on the alignment of the mountain climber will let your muscles gain the most from this workout. Once you’re in the plank position, draw your right knee towards your chest by using your core abdominal muscles. Make sure that you are shoulders are always in line with your wrists and that your wrists are in line with your hands. This way no damage will be caused to joints and maximum output from this exercise will be achieved.


No excuses! Now I’ve told you what exercises you can do without the need for weights at home, there’s no excuse for you not to be strengthening your core, balance and agility in your front room! So what are you waiting for? Go through each of these exercises twice a day to perfect and strengthen your core, balance and posture!




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