movement training

Movement training


The crawling stage when you are a baby is crucial for your development of your coordination and strength. Synchronising the upper and lower body is something which is done from birth but as we start to walk we become lower body dominant when travelling.

When moving around on all fours, your wrists, shoulders and trunk strength is dramatically improved.

After all, you don’t need no equipment and minimal space is required which makes it a very cheap and easy work out which reaches all the muscles in the body!

Here are a few exercises which you can try out at home:



Crab Walk – Try doing a crab walk for the equivalent of 40 yards in random direction movement, you will be using almost all of your muscles and your lungs will be gasping for air as that’s what happens when your muscles are working! On the floor, hands by your side, fingers facing your toes. Lift your body up by arching your back as far as you can keeping sure your glutes are tight.
Frog jump – Hands out in front of you touching the floor, when you jump and make contact with the floor soak up the impact through the legs and jump again.


Twisting Sit Up – Standard sit up, but as you come up, bring your opposite elbow to the opposite knee and keep a straight back. try and push yourself to do 20 on each side!


L-sit – One of my favorites, mainly as it takes practice and dedication. Sitting down on the ground with legs out in front of you and your hands by your side, lift your whole body off the ground whilst keeping your legs out in front of you.

RKC Plank – get into the plank position and extend your arms further out infront of you. tighten your abs and quads to get the most of out this exercise.

Once you’ve mastered these four exercises , drop us a email when your ready for some more!

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