About Us

Welcome to Shape Up Fitness. If you wish to try something different rather than going to the gym and doing the same old exercises every day then allow our personal trainers to help you on your way to a more exciting and beneficial exercise routine.

Whether its optimal health, weight loss, stress relief or fitness we can get you there. Shape Up Fitness has been created with the purpose to fill all of your health and fitness requirements throughout the family. You are able to choose the Personal Trainer with the skills to fit your needs, put your child into an after school club, and browse through our range of health products to optimise your performance.

Our 10 laws to stay healthy:

  • Eat lots of Plants and Animals
  • Avoid poisonous things
  • Move frequently at a slow pace
  • Lift heavy things
  • Sprint once in a while

  • Get adequate sleep
  • Play
  • Get adequate Sunlight
  • Avoid stupid mistakes
  • Use your brain

To book a session please contact us.